Wednesday, April 29, 2009


RECOGNITION is a mental process, mental action is therefore the interaction of the individual upon the universal mind, and as the universal mind is the intelligence which pervades all space and animates all living things, this mental action and reaction is the law of causation, but the principle of causation does not obtain in the individual, but in the UNIVERSAL MIND. It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process, and the results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and experiences.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Save your kids

Karen McAuley (Vancouver, BC):

I started this group because of things that not only have happened to myself but friends of mine out here. Also because of my son that is growing up in a world so full of the negative things that are depicted in the wiki article posted.

Cyber bullying has become the newest rage for kids, when they are stopped at school they take it to the internet, they harass, torment, verbally abuse and make derogatory comments via instant messages, e-mail, chat rooms and so forth.

I think that there should be more done out here to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

These kids and even adults are getting away with this sort of behavior despite many websites (online games and chat rooms) terms of service. Much like life it depends on where you are in the food chain on how much you can get away with.

Perhaps we can never rid the internet or the school yard of this type of behavior we can certainly make more of an effort to make it known that we wont tolerate it regardless of what they say.

To often it goes unchecked, unnoticed and we often think no way not my kid I raised them better than that. It is that kind of thought that leads kids to think it wont matter their parents wont ever think they could do or say such things.

Instead of just words now a days ids bring guns, knives and other assorted weapons to the bullying front. Make threats online about shooting someone if they tell anyone they are bullying them, stalk them outside of the internet and on the internet making it hard for there to be a safe haven of any sort.

It takes it's toll on a family as a whole, it is even harder when you are an adult and being bullied and harassed out on the internet, where do we go, we are supposed to be the ones taking charge and yet what happens when that is no longer the case.

Case in point - I played this mmonrpg called Darkthrone the terms of use state with a parents permission a child under 13 can play with war game of sorts and anyone 13 and over can sign up on their own. It also states that any derogatory comments, slanderous behavior, threats, verbal harassment and abuse will not be tolerated.

Now the forum is for everyone it is built into the game and there is no separate sign in needed. If some people out there do not like others they let it be known. They will verbally attack people, threaten them, harass them, try to get them kicked out somehow, will make life generally hell for anyone out there. They bully and harass and will do whatever it takes until you submit to what they want.

There are forum moderators that should always be responsible people that can handle whatever comes at them, that goes for any group, community forum, game forums, or where ever there is some form of a new board that can be posted on.

Regrettably it comes down to this - in the end you, your kids and whatever info you can man yourself with are about all you are going to have. We as parents cannot know what our kids are up to 24/7 and it only takes one split second decision to change someones life forever.

I want to get people aware of this and get as much information as we can to try and make a difference. It starts at home...educating and talking to the kids and even making yourself aware of things to look for will help curb this before it gets out of hand.

Research & Data of Cyber Crimes
Cyber Crimes and victims of them (cyber bullying, harassment, cyber stalking, hate messages, Slanderous comments, derogatory comments, identity theft, phishing scams etc)
Karen McAuley (Vancouver, BC):

"Cyber bullying is said to be the worst kind of bullying. This is mainly because of the speed of the technology that is available today. The derogative remarks made to someone or about someone are more readily available for more people to see, therefore, causing even more psychological damage. "
Key findings of the CAPB Cyber Crime in Canada report:

- 49% of respondents have been a victim of cyber crime (cyber crimes include computer viruses, banking and personal information being lost or stolen through the Internet, children being bullied or sexuallyabused through online contact, businesses being hacked and held for ransom, identity theft and interference with critical infrastructure such as power grids, water systems or telephone services).

- 70% of victims of cyber crime have not reported the crime as they were unsure who to report to or did not think any justice would occur.

- 86% of respondents indicate that cyber crime has become a concern.

- 95% of respondents believe they are being targeted for cyber crime (most respondents believe the greatest threats are identity theft, financial fraud and computer viruses).

- 89% of respondents believe that preventing cyber crime should be a priority

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

From Our Milis by Titie Tsabita

Dear friends....

We make this millis after we captured that so many ladies cheated by a man name BA. He pretended as a pilot of Garuda Airlines. He use other person's picture to display in his profile of Tagged and Friendster.

By the cahrming fake picture of him, he success cheated big sum of money from several ladies. He never met all tha ladies that he have been cheated. But the stupid of him, he ever stayed in one of his victims' house.
From her we got his real picture, as I display in this page. His real picture is not as charm as the fake one.

The charm face, the fact is Pilot AYA. He is Lion Air's pilot. We still try to find the fact what is the relation of AYA and BA. But some info that we have, pointing that AYA has relation with BA, look likes they work together to trap and cheat the ladies.

(Another message in our millis...)

Hi you BA's friend? how long do you know him? Do you know him by net or you met him face to face? Coz I want to know who is the real BA?
I met him in Tagged community, after that we contact each other by phone. After several time he borrowed money from me, he said will pay it back. but up to know no single news from him. I try to call him many times, but he pretend and look like he try to stay part from me. Now I couldn't reach him on all his phone numbers.

I confess that I am his victim, though he cheated me not as much as others, but I really dont like his way to cheated me.
May I know, who are you? what is your relation with BA?
The pictures in his FS is not him (BA), is he?

We will inform you all the progress of our work. Thanks for the attention.


(Msg one of his our millis)

He said that he want to marry with me, but i dont believe him coz he didnt bring his parents to my family. But I have been cheated by him, I tranferred him Rp 6 million, I am confuse now...cause that money I have prepare for my mother medical needed.
I try to call him and ask him to pay my money back, but he always said "be patient...I will pay it back".

Thanks to Allah I never have sex with him, and I am always in my principal that I ll never do sex before married.

I share any information where does he live? I really dont know where does he stay. We just keep contact by phone. Actually i have a friend in Garuda airlines, HRD dpartment, he told me that, there no pilot's name BA there. But the foolish of me, I still more believe BA than my friend.

I hope you will give me more information about this fake jerk pilot....Thanks.