Wednesday, April 01, 2009

From Our Milis by Titie Tsabita

Dear friends....

We make this millis after we captured that so many ladies cheated by a man name BA. He pretended as a pilot of Garuda Airlines. He use other person's picture to display in his profile of Tagged and Friendster.

By the cahrming fake picture of him, he success cheated big sum of money from several ladies. He never met all tha ladies that he have been cheated. But the stupid of him, he ever stayed in one of his victims' house.
From her we got his real picture, as I display in this page. His real picture is not as charm as the fake one.

The charm face, the fact is Pilot AYA. He is Lion Air's pilot. We still try to find the fact what is the relation of AYA and BA. But some info that we have, pointing that AYA has relation with BA, look likes they work together to trap and cheat the ladies.

(Another message in our millis...)

Hi you BA's friend? how long do you know him? Do you know him by net or you met him face to face? Coz I want to know who is the real BA?
I met him in Tagged community, after that we contact each other by phone. After several time he borrowed money from me, he said will pay it back. but up to know no single news from him. I try to call him many times, but he pretend and look like he try to stay part from me. Now I couldn't reach him on all his phone numbers.

I confess that I am his victim, though he cheated me not as much as others, but I really dont like his way to cheated me.
May I know, who are you? what is your relation with BA?
The pictures in his FS is not him (BA), is he?

We will inform you all the progress of our work. Thanks for the attention.


(Msg one of his our millis)

He said that he want to marry with me, but i dont believe him coz he didnt bring his parents to my family. But I have been cheated by him, I tranferred him Rp 6 million, I am confuse now...cause that money I have prepare for my mother medical needed.
I try to call him and ask him to pay my money back, but he always said "be patient...I will pay it back".

Thanks to Allah I never have sex with him, and I am always in my principal that I ll never do sex before married.

I share any information where does he live? I really dont know where does he stay. We just keep contact by phone. Actually i have a friend in Garuda airlines, HRD dpartment, he told me that, there no pilot's name BA there. But the foolish of me, I still more believe BA than my friend.

I hope you will give me more information about this fake jerk pilot....Thanks.

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